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Parent/child boxing gloves (3) Thu, May 29, 2008
I saw this interesting product in a sporting goods store the other day: 

[Image: parent-child-boxing-gloves.png]

It's a Parent/Child Boxing Glove Set, which consists of a pair of 14-oz boxing gloves for adults along with a pair of teeny tiny 6-oz boxing gloves for children.  I'm no marketing genius, but the following sales pitches immediately came to mind: 
  1. "It's not child abuse if you give them gloves too."
  2. "Now parents and children can fight nicely."
  3. "Won't leave embarrassing bruises!"
  4. "Time to fight back!"
  5. "Teach a skill while teaching a lesson."
I understand the idea behind it:  Create a little quality time, albeit with a somewhat violent pastime.  And even though it's not explicitly stated, the punching isn't intended to be directed at one another, but instead at a punching bag.  Of course.  But the entire thing just shouts child abuse and dysfunction.  I love it.  Someday, I hope to punch my child with these gloves, all the while getting punched by his/her tiny hands in return. #products

Jenn B Thu, May 29, 2008
this is hilarious.  both my husband & son would love them (in a non-abusive way of course).  :)  this just might be 'father's day' worthy.

Dave Thu, May 29, 2008
It's not just a male thing.  There's nothing wrong with a mother punching her son, or a father punching his daughter.

Jenn B Thu, May 29, 2008
yeah, but i'm not much for punching & ryan is pretty anti-boys hit girls, so it would have to be me & my daughter punching each other...& as previously mentioned...not likely.

also discovered the price tag when i clicked through...guess we'll save ourselves the $ & a visit from cps.

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