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Permit and insurance (2) Wed, May 28, 2008
Two words often mispronounced (according to Dave's Most Excellent and Perfect Guide to English Pronunciation™): 
  1. Permit.  A year before you get your driver's license, you get your learner's permit, as in permit, not permit.  You can permit something (used as a verb), while a permit allows you to do something (used as a noun).
  2. Insurance.  In order to drive a car, you need to have car insurance, as in insurance, not insurance.  This is largely a southern problem.
Please comply. #language

Shara Tue, Aug 26, 2008
You can add umbrella to the list.  It's umBRella, not UMbrella.  I could add some more words, but this example is similar to the others you listed.

Dave Wed, Aug 27, 2008
That's an interesting one.  I've never heard "umbrella" mispronounced. 

Another addition is police, as in police, not police.  But it's fun to pronounce it wrong.

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