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Make a bigger plane (1) Fri, Feb 29, 2008
I have a theory:  Airline travel would be nowhere near as uncomfortable, painful, and awful as it is if they just made bigger planes.  It's really quite simple: 
  1. Bigger planes would allow more legroom.  For everyone.
  2. Bigger planes would allow wider seats.  This wouldn't just benefit fat people.
  3. Bigger planes would allow more than one armrest between seats.
And just like that, I solved 98% of the problems associated with airline travel.  Bigger planes would mean bigger seats.  Bigger seats that fit normal-sized human beings.  For whatever reason, airplanes were designed to accommodate small, dwarf-like creatures with tiny legs and no arms.  Assuming it would cost airlines a bunch of money if they simply put less seats on current planes, my solution would be to have the same number of seats, but on a bigger plane.  And if you're gonna make the "how will such a big plane even get off the ground?" argument, I'll simply point you to the current state of affairs, where a 200,000-lb chunk of metal is magically able to get airborne, despite any amount of logic to the contrary.  Somehow I doubt adding another 100,000 lbs of metal will make any difference to a plane's airworthiness. #travel

Wendy Mon, Mar 03, 2008
but it could make a difference in gas mileage...unless they start making hybrid planes - now there's an idea!

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