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Startup (1) Mon, Feb 25, 2008
I hate software that thinks I want it to start when Windows starts.  Am I not smart enough to determine what I'd like my computer to do when I start it up?  Do I really need a software developer to make that decision for me?  I think not.  Jerks. 

Today's example is Amazon Unbox, the software that enables you to download stuff from Amazon.  Not only did it make itself start with Windows, it made it difficult to change that option.  Why would I want this program to download stuff from Amazon as soon as I turn my computer on?  What if I'm *gasp* not connected to the internet?  And why does it warn me that I'll have to start the program manually if I disable it from starting automatically?  The word tautology comes to mind. #technology

Rus Tue, Feb 26, 2008
Similar to this, Adobe is really good about popping up with every little update it thinks you need.  It's not a startup thing, but it drives me batty!!!!!

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