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Sprint is sometimes good Mon, Feb 25, 2008
Despite my awful experience switching my cell carrier to Sprint (and them losing my old number) and the staggeringly copious amount of negative opinions circulating on the interwebs, I've come to the conclusion that Sprint is actually good sometimes.  Here's why: 
  1. They have great coverage.  This probably has something to do with sharing Verizon's towers.  However it's done, it works out great for me.  I pretty much always have service.
  2. They have a high-speed data network with cheap unlimited access plans.  AT&T and T-Mobile have slower data networks.  Sprint and Verizon have faster data networks.  Verizon charges no less that $45 per month for unlimited data access.  Sprint charges $15.
  3. They have a cheap low-minutes calling plan.  I don't need 6000 minutes per month, no matter how much it costs.  Looking over my cell phone bills for the past several months, I noticed I use about 150 minutes per month, max.  Sprint has a 200-minute plan for $30.  Verizon's closest is its 450-minute plan for $40.  Too many minutes for too much money.
  4. They have a cheap lots-of-text-messages plan.  $5 for 300 text messages.  I don't need unlimited text messages for $15, Verizon.
I could easily come up with another list that's twice as long, full of all the horrible things about Sprint (mainly that it's great as long as you don't have a problem that requires you to talk to a human), but I'll stop here.  Sprint is sometimes good.  You heard it here first. #technology

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