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Of soap and cleanliness Mon, Jan 28, 2008
If I were to guess what would lead to my eventual downfall and possible death, I would go with this statement: 
Since a bar of soap cleans dirty things, it can never itself be dirty.
I know it's not true, but I still believe it.  I would rather die than share my meal, but I don't think twice about sharing soap. 

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Mud flaps Mon, Jan 28, 2008
I don't think I fully understand the purpose of mud flaps.  While driving behind a tractor trailer, no less than 16 billion rocks are flung at my windshield.  There aren't even that many rocks on the road to begin with.  It's almost like trucks create rocks.  So what exactly is the purpose of a mud flap?  Would my car get hit with more rocks if trucks didn't have mud flaps?  I find that hard to believe. #food

Puke on me, jerkface Mon, Jan 28, 2008
Saturday night was my first time being puked on.  Not by a baby or a child or a sick person, but by a drunk friend.  If I were to guess beforehand how I would've reacted, I would've gone with something that contained the words "explosive belligerence".  But in reality, it actually wasn't too bad.  It was kind of funny, while still being really gross.  I think it had something to do with the fact that it was on my lower leg and my foot.  If it had gotten on my hand, arm, torso, or face, I probably would've returned the favor.  And I have a colorful history with puking, so I would've won that battle. 

All in all, my first experience of being puked on wasn't too bad. #psychology