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Feline portability (2) Tue, Aug 28, 2007
One thing Wendy and I think about every time we travel is that we wish cats were portable.  People brings dogs everywhere:  Car rides, hikes, planes (to an extent).  But cats just aren't portable.  They generally freak out in cars (ours throw up), they run away when they're outside, and I won't even think about taking a cat on a plane.  Our cats are especially unportable because they're inside cats.  Whenever they get a taste of outside, they have a tendency to run away and engage in dangerous activities like rolling around in the street and chasing stray cats.  I suppose if they were raised outside (like the barn cats from when I was a kid), they might be more comfortable in unfamiliar environments like on a trail in the middle of the woods.  But as it is, our cats are little pansies, incapable of travel, even if only to the vet down the street.  To anyone trying to decide between getting a cat or a dog, remember that while dogs slobber and stink, they're much more portable than cats. #nature

Wendy Fri, Aug 31, 2007
are u saying u've almost become a dog person?

Dave Fri, Aug 31, 2007
Heck no.  Dogs still stink and drool too much for me.  And their wet notes seem to find their way into my crotch too often to call it a coincidence.

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