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Internet and academia Mon, Jul 02, 2007
Despite the unending and ever-increasing amount of information and number of resources available on the internet, I've always found it to be utterly worthless when it comes to academia.  Whenever I search for how to solve a certain type of engineering problem or what to do with a specific variable or quantity, I'm never able to find anything close to useful.  I usually come across a few research papers or journal articles that have nothing to do with what I'm looking for, and even if they sound useful, they're behind a paywall.  Occasionally I'll find some sort of amateur rocket enthusiast's homebrew calculations with quantities involving confusing amalgamations of English and metric units, or I'll stumble across a wine aficionado's recipe for the perfect sauvignon blanc.  The internet is surprisingly lacking in terms of academic materials that are designed to teach or aid in typical problem solving. #technology

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