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Eight to five Fri, Jun 29, 2007
Every job I've ever had has been an 8-5 job (I'm convinced 9-5 jobs don't exist, despite the popular expression).  For this reason, I've always been under the mistaken impression that everybody has an 8-5 job.  My dad had one.  My mom had one (hers was more like 7:30-3).  My wife has one.  My friends have them.  I can really only think of a few people who work different hours.  For all intents and purpose, these people don't count in my analysis.  With this false assumption in mind, I sometimes get angry at how the world works.  If everybody works 8-5, why are banks and post offices only open 8:30-4:30?  It's the same with doctor's offices, the DMV, and pretty much everything you'd ever need to do.  I try to set up a doctor's appointment, and they say, "How about Tuesday at 10:30am?"  Masking my intense anger and frustration, my answer is a simple, "Sorry, I'm working then."  I've been talking to a few customer service people on the phone lately, and they always ask when it's a good time to reach me at home.  After 5:30, stupid!  I'm amazed that anyone else's life is different than mine.  I think there's a psychological term for this.  It's something like delusions of grandeur. 

I can think of a few places that don't follow this rule, and I'm often more willing to go out of my way or pay more simply because I like their system.  I went to an emergency care doctor recently, and it was one of the best medical experiences of my life.  Not only was there absolutely no wait time, it was no problem at all to pick up my blood test results at 7pm.  I've been getting physical therapy for my elbow, and they're just as good with their time.  I say, "Do you have anything after 5?"  They say, "How about 5:30, 6, or 7?"  Awesome.  The one other place I'd like to check out simply for their schedule is Commerce Bank.  Their regular operating hours are 7:30-8 (that's before and after work!), and Saturdays and Sundays.  I can't think of any other company or service that goes this far out of its way to cater to its customers. #business

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