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Year-round ice cream Wed, Jun 27, 2007
The Dairy Queen in my home town opened in late spring and closed in early fall.  Ice cream was a distinctly summer thing.  It makes sense. 

But ever since I moved up and out (20-30 minutes away ... woo!), I've been enjoying ice cream year-round.  Cold Stone Creamery has become a standard year-round thing, and it makes things easier when new stores pop up every few months.  But I easily get sick of Cold Stone's overdone flavors and mixes.  I like simple things, so I go to Cliff's Dairy Maid and Buddy's (both in Ledgewood/Succasunna, NJ).  It's weird to eat ice cream when the outside temperature is cold enough to not cause it to melt.  But I do it, and I like it.  Winter ice cream is a new thing for me, and it's good. #food

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