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Personal stats (2) Wed, Dec 27, 2006
My sister came up with a good idea and I expounded upon it a little:  Personal statistics in Christmas letters.  Most Christmas letters say some boring stuff like, "Blah blah we went to Branson, MO ... Little Timmy got a B in square dancing ... etc."  Instead, everything should be broken down into easily digestible statistics similar to sports on TV, where every athlete is described with numbers:  13/18 completions; 98 rushing yards; 13 sacks; etc.  But since most people don't have rushing yards and sacks, personal statistics could include: 
  1. Weight gained/lost
  2. Number of traffic tickets, arrests, convictions
  3. States/countries visited
  4. Number of miles driven
  5. Percentage of total income spent on food, coffee, alcohol
  6. Number of vacation days used/accumulated
  7. Percentage of time spent doing what you love/hate
These are just suggestions.  I would be happy reading any 5-10 important things in a person's life.  In my opinion, it's way better than a detailed commentary about a few big events.  It's like headline news:  Important information in short bursts. 

For the record, my personal statistics are:  5/5; 2/0/0; VA, FL, WA, CA, Bahamas; 20,000; 6%/0.1%/0.05%; 10/12; 70%/30%. #psychology

wendy Wed, Dec 27, 2006
did u see the pearls before swing christmas letter?

Note: can u please attach it?

Dave Wed, Dec 27, 2006
Here it is

Me:  Total domination.
You:  Blah blah blah who cares?

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