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Blogging the Bible (2) Wed, Aug 30, 2006
A few months ago, a guy from Slate started blogging the Bible.  He asks, "What happens when an ignoramus reads the Good Book? ... My goal is pretty simple.  I want to find out what happens when an ignorant person actually reads the book on which his religion is based."  He's basically doing a chapter by chapter (or in some cases a section by section) analysis, starting (and probably ending) with the Old Testament (because he's Jewish).  Some of his thoughts are pretty interesting.  (via Cynical-C) #religion

Britt Wed, Sep 06, 2006
Thanks for the new timesuck.  It's strangely fascinating.

Dave Wed, Sep 06, 2006
At first I thought you were mad.  Timesuck sounds like a negative thing.  But then I understood.  My life is full of timesucks.  It's just one after another.

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