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Novelty vehicles (1) Wed, Jul 12, 2006
I see a surprisingly/frighteningly large number of novelty cars and trucks on the road.  Vehicles like the Dodge Rumble Bee and the Dale Earnhardt Signature Monte Carlo are really quite laughable.  What kind of person spends $35,000 for a bright yellow pickup truck with a bumble bee logo on the side?  What's the point of having a "sport" truck?  Can you race it against sports cars?  Does it handle like a Porsche?  Apparently, it's some sort of throwback to an old muscle car.  Maybe it's because I'm not a car person, but the whole idea sounds and looks amazingly stupid. 

And what's the deal with all those $25,000 Dale Earnhardt "racing" cars?  Why do only 40-year-old women drive them?  Isn't it kind of weird to purchase a huge object that's endorsed by someone, let alone a NASCAR driver?  It was enough when you got the shirt that matched the hat, but a matching car?  I've seen enough. #travel

Mike Thu, Jul 13, 2006
I used to work with a kid who bought the Rumble Bee.  He was a nice guy, but lived the Jersey Shore life.  He would take it to Seaside and 'cruise for chicks' on the weekends. He was from Sussex County though, which makes it somehow worse. 

We made fun of him for months about that car.  "It's got a Hemi" was the typical response. 

Like you, that means nothing to me.

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