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Christian cars (1) Wed, Jul 12, 2006
What kinds of cars should Christians drive?  This is the question I ask myself as I drive through my church's parking lot.  I see normal things like sedans, minivans, SUVs, and trucks.  Some are new; some are old.  Some are more expensive than others.  But then there are a few cars that really stand out:  A brand new Infiniti and pretty little blue Porsche. 

Is it acceptable for a Christian to own an Infiniti?  Sure, it's acceptable.  But is it a good idea?  Does it say, "I make enough money to afford nice things, so I drive a semi-luxury car."?  Or does it say, "I make more money than you, and I spend it frivolously on objects like cars."?  What is the owner getting by spending $10,000 to $20,000 more than necessary?  Where's the line between comfort and extravagance?  Is a sunroof extravagant?  Not really.  Is a sports car extravagant?  Not completely.  Is a Porsche extravagant?  I think so.  That's my opinion. 

If we think about the purpose behind owning a car, it's essentially to get us from point A to point B.  Some cars do this with a few more creature comforts than others.  Some are bigger; some are smaller.  Some have more power.  Some have more space.  But at what point does a Christian cross the line?  Christians are supposed to be "stewards of God's money".  We're supposed to be humble.  We're supposed to support the church with our money.  Maybe people with nice cars are supporting the church with their money too.  I believe some of those people are, and that's great.  But I think owning a Porsche sends a slightly different message.  To me, a Porsche says one thing:  Money.  If a person is into nice cars, why don't they get a 70s muscle car or a Camaro?  Porsche makes great cars; no doubt about that.  But does a Porsche emanate humility?  Does it say, "I love you" as it speeds past? 

I think this leaves just one question:  What Would Jesus Drive?  The answer:  He wouldn't drive at all.  He wouldn't be able to afford these ridiculous gas prices. #religion

Amy DeBernardi Wed, Apr 25, 2007
Hi, I ask myself this question a lot.  I try not to judge others and to keep an open mind.  I like nice things too.  I think satan wants us to live beyond what we can afford.  We need to stand up and say no.  I do not want to live in bondage.  I want to live the right way not how the world says i should live.

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