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MyBlogLog (2) Wed, Jun 28, 2006
I started using MyBlogLog the other day because I saw it being used on a site I visited.  It's basically a statistics tracking site that can be easily integrated into an existing site with a javascript include.  Its most important feature is its ability to track outgoing links, which is something I've been thinking about for a while.  It also has the option to show which outgoing link was clicked and how many times it was clicked during the current day (called ClickTagging).  Its main downside is that it keeps trying to get you to sign up for a Pro account, which costs $3/month or $25/year (not a bad price, but I don't pay for anything).  The site is kinda painfully ugly, but the service is really simple and usable.  I'm a fan (for now). 

Update (2006-06-30 4:55pm):  I'm not a fan of waiting for another service to load when trying to access my site.  So long, MyBlogLog. 


Eric Marcoullier Tue, Jul 04, 2006
Heya David.

We had some messiness about 10 days ago when our hosting facility had internal DNS issues causing our multitude of servers to become inaccessible for a couple of hours.  Since then, though, everything has been peachy.  Was the script causing your site to hang or was it just sitting there in the loading bar while other things popped up?


Dave Wed, Jul 05, 2006
It was hanging for a little while as my site loaded.  I think the page showed up successfully after a little while, but it wasn't worth the wait for me.

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