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Cause of traffic Tue, Jun 27, 2006
A wise person (Bob) once suggested that there's really no need for traffic.  If everybody on the road has the same goal in mind, there's no reason for any slowdown or backup.  If everybody's purpose is to avoid causing traffic, there should be no traffic.  No one goes out on Route 80 and thinks, "Ya know what?  I'm gonna cause me some traffic!"  For that reason, there should never be any traffic.  Even if there are a lot of cars on the road, if everybody consciously makes an effort to reduce the buildup of traffic, there really shouldn't be any.  If there's an accident, people should make a conscious decision to maintain speed and not slow down to stare.  If there's a cop, everyone should continue going the speed they were going.  Cops can't pull everybody over, can they?  If there's sun glare, everyone should squint and continue going as fast as they were going.  If there's an incline in the road, everyone should obey that stupid sign that says, "Upgrade:  Maintain speed". 

If we're all in this together, we can eliminate traffic completely. #travel

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