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Full fat Wed, Mar 29, 2006
I grew up with a dad who worked for Nabisco, so I got all kinds of cookies and such when I was a kid.  But I also got all the experimental stuff, which usually meant "Low-Fat" this or "Sugar-Free" that ("Now with Olestra!").  Over time, I came to realize that none of these foods are good.  Every once in a while, they (not just Nabisco) came out with something bearable, like low-fat ice cream or sugar-free gum.  But whenever I eat stuff like that, I'm thinking, "Hey ok this is bearable.  It's not like the original, but it's bearable."  My dad worked in the food industry for a while, so he figured a few things out.  One of the things he picked up on was that fat is what makes unhealthy foods taste good.  To take the fat out means you're taking the good taste out.  So that means other stuff is added to try to make it taste like the original.  Other stuff like cocaine and kitten fur.  Ok not really that stuff, but the general idea is true. 

Based on these thoughts and my life experiences, I've decided that I won't eat things that try to be good for me.  I'll eat my fruit and vegetables and my 6 servings of carbohydrates (oh wait, that's not good anymore).  And I won't sit around eating buckets of lard and turkey grease.  But I refuse to skimp on things that are designed to bring pleasure to my mouth.  Low-fat Oreos?  Nope.  Diet soda?  Heck no.  Sugar-free Klondike bars?  I don't think so.  If I'm gonna be eating something that's meant to be relatively unhealthy, I'm gonna go all the way with it and not stop at some healthy attempt at snacking.  And now that Wendy works for M&M Mars, I get all kids of candy.  But they try to do the same stuff Nabisco did:  Healthy snacking.  I think it's an unobtainable goal.  Yeah sure they'll please a few people here and there, but people like me are still gonna want to gobble up a few full-fat Twix bars.  And maybe a few Milky Way Midnights.  And maybe a few hundred yellow M&Ms. #food

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