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Guitar stores Mon, Mar 27, 2006
I play the guitar.  I like to go to guitar stores.  Actually, no I don't.  I would like to go to guitar stores if there were no people in them.  But the fact is that guitar stores have people, and people are dumb and annoying.  The guitar happens to be a very versatile instrument, so all kinds of different music can be played with one:  Punk, rock, blues, metal, jazz, classical, etc.  The problem with this is that every person that plays guitar thinks they need to be heard.  So some stupid punk kid will go to a guitar store, pick up a beautiful work of art like a Fender Strat and pound out some stupid punk song.  And then some stupid Dave Matthews fan will pick up a $1500 Taylor acoustic and play it like he owns it.  And then some stupid metal head will turn up the volume on a Marshall amp so that he overpowers everyone else.  So what you have in any given guitar store is a bunch of idiots trying to play over a bunch of other idiots.  Cacophony. #entertainment

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