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Happy Birthday song Sun, Mar 26, 2006
The Happy Birthday song could quite possibly be the worst song ever written in the history of mankind.  Never has a song been so poorly oversung than in the case of this song.  Never has a work of art been so viciously butchered than when this song is sung at birthday parties and other events.  Although I hate those TGI Friday's-esque birthday songs that waiters sing, at least those songs can actually be sung.  The traditional Happy Birthday jumps a whole entire octave in the middle of the song, which makes it virtually unsingable for the average person.  Singing the span of an octave is an uncomfortable thing to do, especially when the song is started in the middle of a person's vocal range.  So it all comes down to that jerk who first starts out with the "Happy Birthday to you..."  It's all up to that person.  And more often than not, that person starts the song on an arbitrary note that's comfortable for them.  Then when they get to the octave part, no one is able to hit it, and the song goes wildly out of control.  Crash and burn. 

Boycott the Happy Birthday song. #entertainment

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