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Tattoos Sat, Feb 04, 2006
Tattoos are interesting.  I thought about getting one, but I decided I can't.  Judging from the things I've been interested in in the past, I'd probably get a pretty stupid tattoo and regret it shortly after walking out of the tattoo parlor.  Something small and universal sounds like a good idea.  Maybe a cross (completely not universal) or a Chinese symbol or a Bugs Bunny.  Kidding.  I've seen people with tattoos of Looney Tunes characters and all I can think is, "Why on earth would anyone decide to permanently mark themselves with a cartoon character?"  And then you ask them why they got it and they say, "I like Yosemite Sam."  That's ridiculous.  I like pizza, but I don't have a pizza tattoo.  I know a person who has a huge tattoo of some anime character from Dragon Ball Z on his/her forearm (if you know this person, don't blurt it out).  I think it would be safe to assume that in 20 years (heck even 5 years), this person will no longer be interested in anime.  Just a guess. 

The other major reason I won't get a tattoo is because I'd have to show people.  If I got it on my white chicken leg or on my skinny little geek arm, I'd have to deal with people lying to my face:  "Oh ... that's ... cool."  Good GOD man you need to get out in the sun.  And have you heard of waxing?

The other thing that confuses me is when people get tattoos on their face or some other exposed body part.  Mike Tyson is a good example.  You don't want to become like Mike Tyson, do ya?  I've seen people with tattoos of flames or other violent-looking things coming up from under their shirt onto their neck.  How could that possibly be a good idea?  When would that ever be beneficial?  How do you expect to get a job when you look like a freak (I sound like a mom:  "Tattoos make people look like freaks!"). #psychology

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