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Major site redesign (5) Wed, Jan 25, 2006
Wow!  I redesigned my entire website!  Actually, it's mostly just aesthetic changes, but there were also a few plugin additions, which I'll talk about some other time.  This is the first major redesign since I changed to the plain black text on a white background, which was also when I started using WordPress as my content management system and stopped using static PHP/HTML files.  That was a good choice from a logistics perspective (There's a logistics perspective for this website?  Yes, meaning that I used to have about 50 different PHP/HTML files that needed to be edited by hand each time I wanted to change the site.  Now there are between 5 and 10, and they're editable from within WordPress.).  Before that, I was using some pretty bright colors, but I decided they were a little too busy. 

You might be saying, "I don't care about your stupid new site design."  To that I say, "I don't care that you don't care.  I do this for me.  And for the starving children somewhere."  But I hope at least one other person enjoys it. 

Update #1:  I temporarily went back to the old design because there's a problem with commenting.  Thanks for noticing, Rich. 

Update #2:  The new design is back up.  I fixed the commenting problem, whatever it was. #technology

Dave Wed, Jan 25, 2006
This is to prove that comments are working, even from Internet Explorer!  And automatic form fillers like Google Toolbar should work better too.

Wendy Fri, Jan 27, 2006
I like the font a lot better and the cute little homey-Christian is cute, too. Oh, and the big D with the scrolling sayings - priceless.

mike Tue, Jan 31, 2006
Can you make recent comments RSS feed? Not just for individual threads but for the whole site?

Dave Tue, Jan 31, 2006
Actually, a comments RSS feed is a default function of WordPress.  But it's been disabled up until now because of the page that shows all the comments ever posted (used to be at comments, now it's at allcomments). 

So here it is:  Comments RSS Feed

mike Wed, Feb 01, 2006
Cool thanks.

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