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Service Wed, Jan 04, 2006
I just came to the realization that I'm willing to pay more money for better service. 

My car needs new tires, so I called three places:  the Toyota dealership, Walmart, and STS.  The dealership didn't know what tires my car needed.  They're the ones that gave me the car!  Shouldn't they know?  I've been getting my car serviced there since I got it (except once).  They always try to get me to get more work done than is needed.  They have these stupid things called package deals where they'll check everything on your car for the one-time-low-price of just $399.95.  That's called a "ripoff".  If it wasn't a woman at the desk, I would punch that person in the face.  Nicely, of course. 

Some Walmarts have an oil and lube center.  I called one that's close to me.  They acted kinda dumb (perhaps not acting) and just wanted to get off the phone with me.  They weren't trying too hard to get my business.  Plus, I've been there before to get my oil changed, and I was a bit ticked off that it look about 2 hours to get everything done.  Walmart does that whole "first come, first served" thing, and even though I was the third person there at 7am on a Saturday, it still somehow took forever. 

Then I called STS.  A nice guy greeted me and knew exactly what size tires I needed.  Then he told me the prices and stuff like that.  He was very helpful and good to work with.  I'm going there this weekend to get new tires. 

Walmart obviously had the cheapest prices.  But like I said, they have sub-par service.  The dealership seems like a good place to go, but they don't care about me.  STS seems to actually care.  They could be acting; I don't mind.  But it proved to me that I'm willing to pay more money to get better service.  And it's not that STS is really expensive.  They're probably more than Walmart, but without the 2 hour wait. #business

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