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Opinionist Wed, Dec 28, 2005
Opinionist - "One fond of his own notions, or unduly attached to his own opinions."

This is just a friendly little reminder that this website is a collection of my uninformed, unfounded, sometimes racist, and often offensive opinions.  I'm an Opinionist.  That definition at the top defines me.  Britt posted a few comments recently and sort of brought this idea to light.  I don't write this to accuse her.  I write this to agree with her.  Unlike some people who try to discount my personal preferences, Britt disagreed with an opinion I held about a specific issue and backed up her argument.  I welcome this.  If you disagree with something I say, go ahead and tell me by leaving a comment. 

But if you disagree with everything I say and you want to write about how much you hate me, get your own website. #psychology

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