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Casual kissing (5) Mon, Nov 28, 2005
I'm not really into kissing family members and friends.  For some reason, everyone I know does this all the time.  "I haven't seen you in two weeks *kiss*."  "Happy Thanksgiving *kiss*!"  My family and friends were never the kissing type of people.  The first time I was exposed to it was at some point in college, probably with some of Wendy's friends.  Girls would lean in for the hug and expose their cheek, expecting a kiss.  But I wouldn't give it to them.  Sorry ladies, a kiss is worth more than a handshake. 

Nowadays I occasionally participate in casual kissing.  But I try to reserve it for (a) people I'm really comfortable with or (b) bold Italians who I just can't refuse. #psychology

JD Mon, Nov 28, 2005
Can you elaborate on how often you give out casual kisses?

Dave Mon, Nov 28, 2005
Sure.  I would say about once in every 7 or 8 hugs.  And I'm only talking about girls here.  I would never kiss a guy.  I'm extremely homophobic (scared of homosexuals).

Kripa Mon, Nov 28, 2005
i think i am lucky enough to get one of those.  or was it the other way around. hmm.

Dave Mon, Nov 28, 2005
Kripa, you're one of the bold Italians.  Wait, you're Italian, right?

JD Tue, Nov 29, 2005
Thanks for clarifying!

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