Bluetooth sucks.  That's my conclusion.  I was pretty psyched about it a few months ago, when I figured out what it was and how it works and how it could improve every area of my life by eliminating every cord in existence.  It seemed like an awesome idea:  Basically, Bluetooth is a wireless technology that allows you to connect different electronic devices.  For example, you can connect a cell phone to a computer to allow you to sync your address book.  You can connect a Bluetooth-enabled hands-free device to your cell phone so you can abide by NJ traffic laws.  You can connect speakers to your sound system without using any wires.  The possibilities are endless.  And Bluetooth applauds itself by claiming that it requires no user intervention; connections happen instantaneously and automatically. 

I was so pumped about it that I got a few things with Bluetooth capabilities:  a Palm Treo 650 and a Dell Inspiron 600m.  I set everything up (which goes against what they said about there being no setup) and it all looked good.  My devices communicated.  That's where my problems started.  What they didn't tell me was that Bluetooth doesn't actually work.  It's more of an idea, not really an actual thing.  I tried to send a file from my laptop to my Palm and it looked like it was working.  It got through the big long progress bar, and then it gave me an error.  Thanks.  You could've told me at the beginning that it wasn't gonna work.  Instead you wasted my time and then broke the news to me.  The same problems happened when I tried to send files from one computer to another, except that it didn't work at all.  It made no attempt.  It just said, "Nope".  Great.  Bluetooth, you're no longer on my "cool" list.  You're stupid. [[technology]]