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Advertising Wed, Sep 28, 2005
What's the deal with advertising?  Although I absolutely hate how it clutters up websites and slows down internet connections, I have to admit that it's an unbelievably successful business.  As long as there are big fat companies who like to dish out money in the hopes of gaining new clients and users, advertising will be a successful industry. 

But what I don't get is how advertising is successful.  I understand the big ones like car companies, cell phone companies, internet service providers, etc.  But the overwhelming majority of the ads I see are for unfathomably stupid things like "What's your Credit Score?" ... "Deep Discounts for Military" ... "Refinance Now.  4 Free Quotes!" ... "Get Cash or Fly - 0% Intro APR".  Ok, so maybe I'm interested in checking out my credit score.  But I can do that for free!  So how is there any money being made?  Or maybe I'm interesting in a 0% APR credit card offer.  But when I click on the link, I'm sent to some no-name credit card or financial company, at which point I go to someone a little more reputable. 

So obviously we have a problem here.  I know I don't click on these links or pay for any viable service from these advertisers.  So who does?  IDIOTS.  ABSOLUTE IDIOTS.  And they're everywhere.  It's your neighbor who just got a computer.  It's your dad who just retired.  It's your friend's grandma who just learned what a computer is.  These are the people that are fueling the advertising industry. 

So the next time you're not exactly happy with all the ads on the internet, thank your local idiot. #entertainment

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