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Puke (4) Mon, Jul 25, 2005
I was always the kid in school who puked.  I remember being in kindergarden and we had a substitute.  Her name was Mrs. Piontkowski.  I had been feeling weird all day, but I wasn't sure what it meant.  And then all of a sudden, I puked, but held it in my mouth.  I thought, "Oh it's ok.  I'll just hide it."  But then it was too much too hold in and it spilled all over my desk.  But Mrs. Piontkowski kept talking, so I raised my hand to let her know that I was having a bit of a problem.  From what I remember, she kept talking and didn't seem to be doing anything about my situation.  So I just kept my hand raised.  After a while, somebody did something about it.  And then when I was in the nurse's office, I was laid down on that "bed" covered with a sheet of deli paper.  That's where I puked again and it went all over me.  The nurse gave me "loaner clothes" that had the school emblem on them. 

Another puke story took place when I was in third grade.  It was the second or third day of school.  I had been feeling weird again, but this time I knew what it meant.  At the point of no return, I got out of my seat and started walking to the bathroom.  But then I got scared because I wasn't sure if I was allowed to leave my seat without asking.  So I started walking back to my desk.  But then I realized that the teacher wouldn't care if I puked in the bathroom, but she might mind if I did it in her classroom.  And then it happened.  Too late to try to keep it clean.  It went all over the rug in the classroom. 

After one of my puking extravaganzas, I was at home, lying on the couch.  My sister Dana was practicing piano.  All of a sudden, I got up and ran out of the room because it was time.  She said, "Thanks, Dave.  I didn't realize my playing was that bad." #health

Mike Mon, Jul 25, 2005
I always thought her name was Peankowski. Like - Pee in Cow Ski. 

She was a real problem for me.  In 3rd grade, Mr. Ayers' class, she was the subsitute for our spelling test. She caught me looking at my pre-test during the test. I felt guilty about that for years.  Years later, I still dreaded trips to the Sussex County Library, where she worked and probably still works. 

Today, I still can't spell and if I saw her I would still probably not be able to look her in the eye.

Dave Mon, Jul 25, 2005
Yeah her name was something like that.  I took a guess at the spelling.  Speaking of spelling, one time during a spelling bee or something like it, you spelled a word wrong and got really upset and said, "My mom is gonna kill me."  Oddly enough, I was thinking the same thing if I got kicked out (kids make up weird stuff).  But then the teacher saw that you were upset and she gave you another word.  And that's how you got into Boston University.

Mike Mon, Jul 25, 2005
Ah yes. That's one I'll never live down.  I still remember that I got out on the word "Bicycle" and either you or Colin or Chris had Bicycle written on your shirt. We had that spelling bee outside up on the hill. That was a traumatic day for me, I remember it all like it was yesterday...

Wendy Wed, Jul 27, 2005
I love your puke stories...I can't stop laughing...

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