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Customer service Fri, Jul 22, 2005
I'm a huge fan of customer service.  Well let's face it:  I'm a huge fan of people in general.  Ok not really.  I like to call 800 numbers and navigate through an endless maze of automated options, only to get nowhere in the end.  [Note to users of 800 numbers:  the fastest and easiest way to talk to an actual human being is to press '0' -- it usually skips all the menu nonsense and goes right to a person.]  And I've noticed lately that a lot of automated menus are voice activated.  This is not an improvement.  Now instead of pressing a number, you have to say something, wait for the automated idiot to recognize what you said, wait for the automated idiot to repeat it back to you for confirmation, and then to finally go to your selection.  So I'm real happy when I finally speak to a human and they tell me, "Sorry, we can't help you.  You still owe money."  Awesome.  But then I called Cingular customer service.  Wow.  I talked to a nice southern lady.  She sounded happy.  She fixed my problem.  She wanted me to avoid future problems.  She sounded honestly concerned (she could've been acting; I don't really care as long as I benefit).  And then she said she was happy to have me as a great customer.  She made my day. #business

Wear Fri, Jul 22, 2005
I'm amazed at what girls deem acceptable to wear in public.  I noticed it most when I went to the airport.  All I saw were tiny little skirts and shorts, tight pants, tanktops, etc.  I'm sure this isn't a problem for most males.  But I'm not most males.  Message to females:  if you don't want guys to look at you like an object, don't dress like one.  If you want to meet guys that are more interested in your personality than in your body, dress to reflect that.  And think about this:  if girls dressed in non-showy clothes, there'd be no girls to check out.  So girls would be happier because their boyfriends wouldn't be checking out other girls. #lifestyle