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Dividers Thu, Mar 31, 2005
Why is that in every group of Christians, whether it's a Bible study or a fellowship or some other gathering, there's always that one person who insists on being a divider?  They always feel the need to play devil's advocate and bring up their controversial opinions or conspiracy theories.  There was MB in my college fellowship, who, when asked why he was so argumentative, argued that he wasn't argumentative.  Now there's KN in the Bible study at work, who always says stuff about priests getting paid a lot of money and how the Bible is unreliable and how Catholicism is the only way.  My question is this:  if these people don't agree with anything being said, why do they even show up?  What's their purpose?  Why do they insist on disturbing the group and causing division and doubt?  Do they want to convince people of the erroneous things they believe?  Or do they just enjoy being a distraction?

On a positive note, I'm sure God has a purpose for these people.  And I'm sure they're serving some sort of purpose in our lives.  I just have trouble imagining what it is. #religion

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