There's a pervading belief that things made in places like China are low quality and cheap.  This may have been true at some point and is probably still true in certain circumstances, but it can't possibly be completely true anymore.  "Yeah but this little plastic thing I bought at the dollar store broke immediately because it's from China."  Yeah?  And your $1000 iPhone was made down the street from that plastic thing.  A product's national origin doesn't determine its quality. 

Which also begs the question, what is a product's national origin?  Is it where it's manufactured?  Where it's assembled?  Where its corporate headquarters are?  I used to own a Japanese car.  But this specific car was assembled at a giant manufacturing plant in Kentucky.  It was sold at an American car dealership.  Its profits went to the American subsidiary of the Japanese company.  Maybe some of the parts were made overseas.  But then how do you decide how American it is -- by the number of parts made in America, or the size of the parts made in America, or the importance of the parts?  It's a crapshoot.  Everything is from everywhere, which is why "Made in America" or "Made in China" mean relatively little. #business