At my previous job, one of the younger employees left after about seven years.  That always seemed odd to me.  Like, I get that you don't feel fulfilled by your job or whatever, but how did it take that long for you to figure it out?  And the weirder thing was that this guy (actually two different guys, same exact story) left the field entirely.  He went to a specific college to get a specific degree, was employed in the industry for not a few months but a few years, then left the job and the industry abruptly to do something entirely different or nothing at all.  Not to boil it down to simple economics, but you completely wasted a good education and the training you received on the job.  Sorry not sorry. 

At my new job, it seems the same situation occurred which led to me getting hired.  A guy worked at this place for summer internships, got a specific degree to work in this specific field, worked for a few years, then took a completely different job in a different industry.  I heard it might've had something to do with sort of disillusionment at the industry and the whims of management, which I fully understand, but still.  This is nothing new.  Work comes and goes, projects begin and they end.  I get that you're unhappy with the situation, but you knew that going in.  So to throw away your time in the job, plus the time and money and effort you spent getting there, is kinda bonkers. #business