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Daylight Savings Time Mon, Mar 09, 2020
It's time to do away with Daylight Savings Time.  Nearly every person on earth agrees with this sentiment.  "But what about the farmers?"  You're not a farmer.  You don't know any farmers.  Farmers make up like 0.01% of the population; why are we catering to them?  Also, they don't give a shit.  They'll work when work needs to get done, not when their clock says to.  It's really not that complicated. 

Not only is it crappy to be an adult during Daylight Savings Time change-overs, but having a child has brought a new level of hatred to the equation.  You have bed times, you have naps, you have meal times.  Ok now arbitrarily shift all of them an hour, twice a year.  It's fucking stupid, and we all know it. 

Daylight Savings Time:  It accomplishes nothing, it benefits no one, literally everyone hates it.  Abolish Daylight Savings Time.