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Trump umbrella Thu, Jan 17, 2019
So there's this video of Donald Trump getting on a plane and leaving his umbrella behind. 

This is troubling for two reasons.  One is that I honestly don't think he knows how to close an umbrella.  But hey, not everyone knows everything.  Knowledge can be taught; not a big deal. 

But the bigger issue is that this small act is emblematic of an immensely larger issue:  Trump is used to having people do things for him, like carrying his umbrella, or paying off his opponents.  But more importantly, he's used to having other people take care of problems he creates.  Instead of simply bringing the umbrella inside the plane, or finding some minion to hand it to, he simply leaves it there for someone else to take care of.  The epitome of "Not my problem." 

I know this is a small issue, and everybody freaks out about small issues, and everybody is tired of people freaking out about small issues.  But as the president of the country, a democratically-elected representative of the people should at least be capable of showing a small semblance of connection to the people he represents.  This small event shows that Trump is ridiculously out of touch with reality. #politics

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