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Football facemasks Tue, Dec 11, 2018
I don't think I've ever seen an intentional facemask penalty in football, at any age, for any reason whatsoever.  Refs call the penalty and everyone acts like it's this big deal -- "Oh how could he do that?  He really cost his team."  Nobody grabs a facemask on purpose.  It's not a good way to make a tackle, and it's likely to break your fingers.  It's just completely nonsensical. 

I think we should simply move to either a solid plexiglass-type of facemask in place of the metal grill, or an entirely new helmet that covers the entire face with some sort of clear plastic.  For anyone who argues that the grill needs to be metal to withstand helmet-to-helmet contact -- what about the entire rest of the helmet that's already plastic?  Modern materials can take incredible punishment; the metal parts are essentially an anachronism at this point.  Plus with a full face covering, you could avoid eye pokes, and also players getting bits of turf in their eyes.  There's definitely an issue of fogging and whatnot, but I feel like that's a solvable problem. #sports

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