A few days after the birth of my child, when our house was still dim and quiet as we figured out how to address the needs of a newborn, a stranger knocked on our front door to talk about the upcoming election.  He was a young guy, probably in his 20s, handing out information about the candidate he supported.  No big deal; he was nice about it, and voting is important.  He mentioned the current politician in office and how he's had some corruption allegations waged against him.  I vaguely remembered hearing about it but didn't know much other than that.  I thanked the guy for the information and was about to close the door. 

Then he said, "As you know, the Communist Chinese are trying to hack our elections, and any vote for a democratic candidate will ruin our country."  He continued to say some words, but I literally put my hand in his face and said, "Let me stop you right there." 

It's hard to stress the difference between the calmness of my home and the invasiveness of this stranger.  But it was abrupt and unwelcome enough for me to interrupt a person (which I don't normally do) and tell him to leave my property.  I wouldn't say this interaction informed my voting decision, but it definitely didn't help. #politics