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Trump outrage levels Tue, Jan 16, 2018
It's surprising to me how different people have different levels of astonishment and outrage concerning the goings-on of Donald Trump.  It feels like it's about once a week where some new person or group of people exclaim, "Can you believe what Trump just did/said/Tweeted?"  Yes, in fact I can.  He Tweet-taunted that North Korea guy?  I can believe that.  He bumbled out an apology for something he definitely did?  Sounds about right.  He called a bunch of countries "shitholes"?  Yep, I can believe that.  I would literally believe anything.  The man is capable of so much more (or less) than that.  I wish I could make a prediction here, but I feel like I'm not creative enough to come up with a terrible enough thing to predict.  Don't worry, he'll continue to surprise and amaze us. 

And obviously (hopefully it's obvious), this is all quite bad.  The elected leader of the free world should not do fucking horseshit like that, and it pains me to have to write that idea as if it's something that needs to be said or written and not just known from birth.  It's embarrassing to witness this, but that's what people wanted. 

Anyway, here's a very related thing I wrote about outrage fatigue. #politics

Timeliness of search results Tue, Jan 09, 2018
A problem I think the tech world needs to address is the timeliness of search results.  For example, I just searched for something about an Android app, and the first search result was from 8 years ago.  And that's searching for relatively modern technology.  It's sometimes completely useless trying to get pertinent information about topics that have existed in some form for quite a while.  Ooh someone else had the same problem with their dishwasher?  Just kidding that website was last updated in 1997.  Oh my favorite band is playing nearby?  Just kidding that band no longer exists, and the venue burned down last century. 

I'd say the primary purpose of the internet is the accessibility of information.  That's why search is such a fundamental part of it.  But when search results are crowded out by obsolete information from eons past, it dilutes the functionality of search, which dilutes the entire internet.  Yes, I know I can sort by date.  But that's not always ideal, and can be easily gamed by nefarious people trying to get pageviews. 

Please, internet, figure out a way to deal with your own aging. #technology

Bumbling to success Tue, Jan 02, 2018
I'm not a fan of this Trump guy, obviously.  He's a tactless fool, and I don't think history will look back too kindly on him or his presidency.  And yet, I've partitioned off a small part of my mind to allow for the possibility that he'll succeed in the end.  It might not be intentional or willful on his part, but some of his policies and actions might actually make things better.  One piece of evidence to support this is the series of heated Senate races that have happened recently.  People are more interested in politics now because they don't want more Donald Trumps.  Similarly, the ongoing sexual harassment upheaval is a direct result of his pre-election behavior.  Bringing attention to social issues and achieving justice is important, and would've likely continued to languish without Trump. 

I think the real question is whether Donald Trump is ignorant of his effectiveness in a Mr. Bean kind of way, or if he's really the grand illusionist that some people think he is, performing seemingly stupid actions all in service of a much larger overall theme.  Time will tell. #politics