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Paying for labor Fri, Dec 01, 2017
I just paid for some routine maintenance on my car yesterday.  More than I had planned, but oh well.  I could've probably done some of the work myself (definitely the cabin air filter), but it would've required me to (a) figure out the exact part to buy, (b) actually buy the part, (c) figure out how to replace the part, and (d) take time out of my life to do the work.  Most projects I attempt end up taking more time than I anticipate and more aggravation than I desire.  Last weekend I replaced a kitchen faucet.  It took 4 hours:  3:58 to uninstall the old rusted faucet, and 0:02 to install the new one.  That's how things go for me.  I guess if I did that type of work on a regular basis, I would get more efficient at it.  But still, I find myself paying for labor more often these days, especially when that labor is even slightly skilled.  I do my own lawn work because it requires almost no skill.  It just requires equipment and time.  I do some of my own plumbing, but generally not if soldering is involved.  Car work requires equipment, time, and knowledge, which I'm ok with paying someone else for. #business

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