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Water and food in TV and movies Tue, Jan 31, 2017
Maybe it's a product of the type of entertainment I enjoy, but I feel like there's a common thread in a lot of TV shows and movies consisting of a character or group of characters walking or hiking from one geographic location to another in search of something, be it freedom or safety or revenge or whatever.  One element that's nearly always missing is the issue of normal human sustenance.  I realize this is a boring topic, which is why an entertainment medium would simply gloss over it.  But honestly, if you go hiking in the woods for a couple hours without water, you'll be thirsty as hell.  If you think you can hike overnight without food or water, you're an idiot.  "Oh I'll just find water along the way."  No you won't.  You'll get a bacterial infection and shit your brains out.  The simple act of surviving in the most mild of wildernesses isn't rocket science, but it does require water, food, and shelter, something that's clearly missing from a lot of storytelling. #entertainment