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UFC then and now Mon, Nov 16, 2015
I started watching UFC in 2006, and back then as well as for the following several years, the UFC was a bit like college football:  Week in and week out, you never knew what to expect.  Both opponents were expected to be at roughly the same skill level and physical ability, but in actuality the fights were often one-sided, and surprisingly so.  This was almost expectable in a sense, because it was a relatively new sport, and fighters were still figuring out which techniques worked (grappling and kickboxing) and which didn't (traditional martial arts). 

The UFC has evolved quickly since then, and to continue the analogy, it's now a bit like professional football:  Week in and week out, you have a pretty good idea of what to expect.  Fighters are fairly evenly matched.  There's rarely a standout that destroys everyone they encounter.  Most fights at the highest level are back-and-forth, skill vs. skill.  It's boring at times, but it definitely has its place. 

But sometimes, just like in the NFL (undefeated Broncos getting shut out for three quarters before benching their record-setting quartback) some fights don't go as expected (newcomer Holly Holm knocks out undefeated submission artist Ronda Rousey). #sports

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