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On pseudoscience Tue, Feb 25, 2014
I'm torn on the topic of pseudoscience.  On the one hand, I clearly have no interest in things that "have the appearance of being scientific, [but lack] any of the substance of science."  But on the other hand I get annoyed when the things I believed were scientific turn out to be pseudoscientific.  Going through a list of pseudoscientific topics, I'm disappointed that things like chiropractic count as pseudoscience (although I think the classification is more on the "cracking your back can cure your allergies" side of things than on the "cracking your back can make your neck feel better" side).  To me it sounds not so much like pseudoscience but simply science which hasn't been firmly agreed upon.  This Daily Beast article mentions the Paleo Diet, which has been criticized for probably being based on incorrect assumptions.  But the book I read about it pointed to journal article after journal article about why its assumptions were true.  It bothers me that in the information age, it's nearly impossible to find accurate, true, unbiased, consensus-driven scientific facts on any subject.  There's science on both sides of many issues, and it almost always conflicts.  Why can't knowledge just be easy?  I don't know. #science

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