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Ignoring big issues Tue, Jan 07, 2014
Similar to big meaningless issues, I've noticed that a lot of disagreements and debates between intelligent people can be easily avoided by simply ignoring those topics completely.  Like politics, or the economy, or almost any major newsworthy topic that has two sides.  It's easy to get swept up in anger and anxiety by watching or listening to people with opinions, whether your unfortunate brain is vomited upon by Bill O'Reilly, or you choose to dance with the devil herself, Rachel Maddow (yes, there are only two sides to every issue).  But it occurred to me at some point that if I simply avoid those sources of information, my life is literally exactly the same as it would've been had I been informed, minus the stress of choosing a side.  Being informed makes me righteously indignant, as in, "I'm on the correct side of this issue.  How could anyone not agree?"  Being uninformed disables me from holding a valid opinion, and it also decreases my anger and increases my free time.  To ignorance!

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