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On running Thu, Dec 19, 2013
I have an unusual relationship with running.  I enjoy running, but I often hurt myself by running too far, too fast, or incorrectly.  But if I could, I would run more.  Here are some reasons why running is awesome: 
  1. It takes no talent.  No one has to be taught how to run.  Sure, there are ways to improve and become faster or better.  But the first movement children make when they stand on two feet is some combination of walking, running, and falling.  Watch people on treadmills or at a race:  Everyone runs different, and that's ok.
  2. It requires no special equipment.  Sure, running shoes are helpful, as are quick-drying clothes, pedometers, heart-rate sensors, and GPS devices.  But none of those things are essential for running.  Barefoot running is a thing.  Though you should probably at least wear clothes, because otherwise you'll get arrested.
  3. It can be done pretty much anywhere on earth.  You can run on paved roads, dirt paths, grass fields, concrete cities, tracks, treadmills, beaches, mountaintops and underwater (to some extent).  Every other form of locomotion has at least some sort of geographic limitation; you can't ride a bike on snow (usually) and you can't swim on land (usually).  You can run anywhere.
  4. It's free.  There's almost no way you can be charged money to run, aside from a race or a gym membership.
  5. You can do it forever.  There's a common belief that running is bad for your knees, but that's not entirely true.  If you've ever seen an old person run, it's clear there are no age limits.
Run, rabbit, run. #health