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Inspirational books Tue, Dec 17, 2013
A few months ago, I was reading a book about running.  As might be expected, it inspired me to run more.  Since then I adjusted my form and increased both my time and my distance.  Not too shabby. 

Another time I was reading a book about scientific research and discovery, and it inspired me to do more research at work and publish my findings.  That's a slightly harder thing to just go out and do, but I'm making progress. 

And currently I'm reading a book that happens to talk about proper dieting.  I know I currently don't eat very well, so I won't be surprised if this book inspires me to eat better. 

What I find interesting is that I'm somewhat unintentionally making life changes because I happen to be spending my free time reading books that are at least somewhat focused on those topics.  What this tells me is that books (and by extension, movies, TV, and other forms of media) have the power to change small aspects of my life if presented in the proper context.  Used properly, that can be a pretty powerfully good thing.

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