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The end of dentistry Mon, Aug 19, 2013
I hereby predict that we will one day live in a world without dentists. 

That's partly a selfish prediction, on account of my rabid anti-dentitism.  But it's also a practical one.  I'm consistently amazed that we as a modern civilization still pay strange doctors to stick sharp metal tools into our head holes to patch up or remove the offending pieces of calcified enamel we call teeth.  The technology of dentistry essentially hasn't changed in several hundred years, aside from using metal fillings instead of wood.  "But what about tooth paste, floss, and fluoride treatments?"  The fact is that these things don't always work, which is why people still have cavities and get root canals.  Despite all these advances in tooth science, it's still basically a crap shoot.  You might have perfect healthy teeth your whole life.  Or you'll have to get them all removed.  One or the other. 

We've figured out how to replace a person's hip bone with a piece of metal.  Can't see right?  Shoot a laser in your eye and you'll be back to normal.  Lose a leg?  Install a fiberglass one that gives you almost superhuman abilities.  But have a tooth ache?  Either we can install this crappy replacement that needs to be re-glued every five years, or surprise!  One less tooth to brush. 

My prediction is that we'll one day figure out a better way.  Perhaps a better fluoride treatment, like a deck stain.  Or maybe a better capping system.  Or maybe even a full-out teeth replacement system.  If we can remove an organ from the body and install things that are better than bones, surely we can remove teeth and replace them with a titanium insert that screws into your jaw.  Either way, I look forward to never seeing a dentist again.

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