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Subaru vehicle names Wed, Jul 17, 2013
I think Subaru has a problem naming their vehicles.  A few years ago they came out with the B9 Tribeca, and I remember thinking during the incessant advertising of the unfortunately ugly vehicle, why didn't they choose a less clumsy name?  What does the "B9" part even mean?  Just stick with one word.  There's another vehicle out currently called the XV Crosstrek which suffers from the same two-word naming issue.  Which is it, an "XV" or a "Crosstrek"?  And again, what does the "XV" stand for?  The problem with multi-word product names is that if it's hard to remember, it's easy to forget. 

My other gripe is with the "Legacy" line of vehicles.  Legacy has two meanings in normal life:  Either (a) something that's passed down from one generation to the next, or (b) old.  In manufacturing facilities, they refer to their older equipment as "legacy equipment," which is a nicer way of saying there's other stuff out there that's better.  And while the Subaru Legacy is a fine vehicle, it just sounds weird to say, "That's right, I drive a Legacy.  A legacy Legacy."

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