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Swearing on TV Tue, Jun 25, 2013
A recent episode of Mad Men had the f-word, and that made me very happy.  Here's a show on an easily accessible cable channel (AMC), delving not just into strong language, but the strongest.  I have a deep appreciation for expressive speech.  There's often nothing more expressive than a well-placed f-bomb. 

I think there should be more swearing on TV.  The main reason it's so uncommon is because of kids.  Newsflash:  Kids learn how to swear at school, from their neighbors, or from their parents.  TV isn't the problem.  Parents who can't control what their kids watch on TV should learn how to fix their own problems. 

I for one am an adult.  I've waited my whole life to be an adult, and I have to say it's pretty damn good.  Life is created by adults, consumed mostly by adults, and is run mostly by adults.  Why do we let children dictate what words adults are allowed to hear?

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