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Getting to truth (1) Thu, Oct 04, 2012
I was at my friend's house the other day watching football, and his wife asked a question about when a certain team had a bye week.  He made an interesting point:  "I don't understand why anybody asks questions anymore, when the answer to every question is:  Google it."

That thought crossed my mind as I was watching the presidential debates.  One candidate claimed something like, "I plan to cut taxes by X."  Then the other candidate replied with, "No, you plan to raise taxes by Y."  The first candidate replied with a rebuttal, and this continued for a few volleys, and then some more of the same but with different topics.  I couldn't help but think the following: 
  1. Whatever the truth of the matter is, it certainly exists.
  2. These two dummies likely won't get to it.
  3. I'll just check PolitiFact or FactCheck.
It would've been interesting to see two rational, reasonable, intelligent people come together, write a few things down on a chalkboard or something, and simply identify and communicate the truth.  It's one thing if it's a difference in opinion or policy, such as, "I plan to lower taxes, while he plans to cut spending."  But when it's simply about a fact, let's talk about it like it's a fact.

Rus Mon, Oct 08, 2012
I wish they would do away with debates and ads.  Send me a one page spreadsheet with the Issue on one side and how you plan to fix it on the other.  Heck, you can even link your answer to your website if it doesn't fit on one page.  If both candidates would do that, I'd be much happier with the process.

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