If you're a nerd or pay attention to unimportant details, you might've noticed that my website is completely different as of a few minutes ago. 

For over 7 years, I've been using the blogging software WordPress to power my website.  Over the years I became a big fan of it, namely for its simplicity and extensibility.  But recently it's been going downhill (for me anyway).  Each new version offers features that are completely useless to me, as well as breaking old features that worked very well for me.  A blogging platform is meant to make online writing easy, and WordPress was actually getting in my way. 

Being a tinkerer, I decided to create my own blogging software from the ground up.  It started as a little side project to see if it was possible.  It turned into something that meets all my needs, and which I'm comfortable releasing into the wild.  So that's what's happening right now. 

Some problems that I admit exist yet am reluctant or technologically unable (at the moment) to fix: 
  1. Links to old posts.  The entire permalink structure with dates and post names is gone, which means the site is littered with broken links.  I don't currently have the know-how to fix this. [Update:  Fixed.]
  2. Image galleries.  Completely nonexistent at the moment.  I might eventually start using Facebook (gasp!) to share pictures.
  3. RSS.  There's no RSS feed for now. [Update:  Fixed.]
  4. General ugliness.  Certain HTML and other technical post content isn't displaying properly.  I'll be working on that soon. [Update:  Fixed.]
So anyway, feel free to look around, search for things, leave comments, and let me know if anything's broken.