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Punch-top can Thu, Jun 21, 2012
Miller Lite came out with a punch-top can somewhat recently that adds a second hole to make pouring easier.  I don't disagree with the physics of this invention, but I have a few simple questions: 
  1. Was this really a problem that needed solving?  Do people struggle when pouring their beer from a can to a glass?
  2. Who pours beer out of a can and into a different container?  That's why beer comes in a small container -- so you can drink directly from it.  It's not like drinking from a milk jug.
  3. Who drinks beer out of a can?  I realize this is a little elitist of me, but I honestly don't know a single human being that drinks beer out of a can.
Either Miller is run by a bunch of idiots who like solving non-existent problems (see also their vortex bottles), or they're freaking geniuses.  Honestly, what are you gonna buy at the liquor store -- the regular old cans, or the cans with an extra hole for faster pouring? #products

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