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Mobile Flash Thu, Oct 13, 2011
A lot has been made about Apple's refusal to allow Flash on the iPhone (that link is from 2008, but nothing has changed).  Apple has its reasons, and they're legitimate:  It's buggy, looks crappy, kills battery life.  Android, on the other hand, allows Flash without a second thought.  And yes, it's buggy, looks crappy, and kills battery life.  As an Android user, I don't particularly care for Flash, but I'm thankful my phone has the option.  Because when it comes down to it, I'd rather have a phone that crappily displays the information I want when I want it, rather than a phone that idealistically doesn't display the information I want when I want it.  Flash on mobile is fairly bad, and I think Flash in general should be put out to pasture.  But in the meantime, just give me access to information. #technology

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